Baby, Praying hands, Baby in womb

Birth of a dream

We have all been impregnated with a dream, a God-given dream to achieve; the purpose of our lives. The key however, is that a baby born too late can be harmful to both parties, as too can a baby born premature result in complications. God has given us the dream, the baby, and He has set the time for its birth. God’s message for me today was, “Let me do my work, be patient, don’t quit and when the time is right don’t fight me.”

Simple, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking of it the whole day. We need to be feeding our dream, looking after it as it grows, protecting it, getting excited for what is to come and planning what we will do when the right time, God’s perfect time comes. Just a few things that I hope get you thinking about your dreams!



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