The nature of our soil

Since my earlier post about our seed in friendships and relationships, a thought has really stuck with me.

No matter the quality of your seed, it will not change the nature of the soil, it will only reveal it.

I don’t know what it is about this thought, but it has just been lingering on my mind for the past few days. We all hope our seed is of good quality, as do we hope our soil is, but is it? I have been asking myself if my friends’ seeds have been falling on good soil? Is God’s word falling on good soil in my life? Am I open to what Christ is showing me? Am I willing to go as the Holy Spirit leads me? I think as christians we all want to say yes, and believe we truly mean it, but we all have a degree to which our soil is ready to be sown into. So I have challenged myself to be the better soil, to be the good soil. Challenged, to work on my soil, to work on my heart, to open it up to receiving, and letting God be my protector, rather than trying to build up my own walls of protection. So here goes to some de-weeding, some tough ploughing and a lot of sweat!



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