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Ever wondered why the Israelites kept disobeying God despite all the evidence, miracles and signs that they had confirming God was with them?

I wondered about this all of last year. Why would anyone disobey God when they saw Him descend upon a mountain, set it ablaze and shake it violently in front of them?

Exodus 19:18 Now Mount Sinai was completely covered with smoke because the Lord had descended on it in fire, and its smoke went up like the smoke of a great furnace, and the whole mountain shook violently.

Seeing a true miracle, an act of God like that and then turning away from Him, it just didn’t make sense. Today I realised why they would do such a thing and the scary thing is, it came from a realisation that I was doing the same thing in my life.

Now I am far from perfect, evidence of this is my occasional disobedience to God, which I am trying to eliminate. The reason behind by disobedience, but certainly by no means justification for it, is that I in some sense fear the outcome. I fear that when I have to stop relying on my knowledge, to give up control of the situation and just trust God with what He says I have to do, that I will fail or lose something and just cause a disaster site in my life. I do this despite all the ways in which, God has shown Himself faithful to me. Stupid I know.

It is the same with the Israelites though. God showed Himself to them in many ways, yet they turned from trusting Him. They turned because they were tempted by what they thought to be ‘better’.

This is my thought and action point going forward, to never turn from God. To never allow myself to be turned by fear, temptation, or sin. I want to be the one who in the face of battle does not turn and run, but turns to God and says let’s do this, you first…


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