Recently I disappointed some people (All individual cases) and it sucks, there is no other way of saying what it feels like, knowing you are a disappointment, it really does suck! The worst part was actually being told by someone, that I was a disappointment, straight out in front of others…

Then God spoke.

He asked me a question, “Do you think I am not disappointed when you sin? Do you think I am not sad and disappointed in what you have done? Yet I love you still.” After hearing God speak, one normally reflects for a while, but after hearing this, wow. One cannot but dwell on the thought of how lucky we are. Lucky to have a God who loves us, who wants to be intimate with us, who died for us, despite all that we have done and will do to disappoint Him.

If we never disappoint anyone, it means we are not doing enough, not trying enough new things to bring glory to our God. If we never stumble, it means we aren’t advancing along the unknown paths God has for us. However I believe this, that if your heart is in the right place, seeking God, it doesn’t matter if you fail and disappoint, so long as you are trying your best with the right heart/motives. Breakthrough, success, victory, it will come! Christ died for us, knowing that we would disappoint Him, yet He still died, for you, for me; He died for us! Willingly, He laid down His life, to show His love for us, willingly He died, so that we could be more than conquerors. He died so that we could get up when we stumble and disappoint and carry on, conquer, knowing we are loved by Him.



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