After this mornings post, I was reminded by a friend of the video below. It got me thinking. “We found love in a hopeless place.” I began to question this. A hopeless place? Where? Where in the world could be hopeless, if we are told there is always hope, as I mentioned in this mornings post. Then it came to me.

We have hope because we have God, on our side – hope. The hopeless place is then the exact opposite, when we don’t know God, when we aren’t intimate with him, when we have not found his love.

To find his love; an interesting thought. To find something, implies it is already in existence; just that we don’t know where to find it. This is true of God’s love, because He already loves you whether you know it or not, He has already died to cover all your inequities, all your wrongs and to give you a hope of a future (John 3:16; Jeremiah 29:11).

I imagine that is what it must be like not knowing God – hopeless. I’m here to tell you, God’s love does exist. However, if you aren’t shown His love, the only other way you can find it, is to stumble upon it, maybe at Christmas or easter, when one might attend a service due to a feeling of guilt and then stumble upon His love. Maybe you are reading this now and are only being told for the first time that God loves you. So let me say it again, God loves you! If you aren’t a Christian, it is never too late to make Jesus Lord of your life. Accept Him as your saviour today!

So now here is where the power of one lies. No matter how long you have experienced God’s love in your life, you have the power to show God’s love to others. We can all lead other people to the hope we have, the hope we place in God (Isaiah 40:31). We have the power to take what was a possibility of falling into God’s love and make it a certainty by showing people God’s love. If you had to show one person where to find God’s love, think about the hope they will gain. You have the power to change one’s world. Coming out of a hopeless place to having hope, then God truly can be glorified through another testimony of His love.

So here is the challenge I am accepting, and that I hope you will too. Tomorrow, let us focus on what we do for others, as we “Shine a light through an open door” as the lyrics to the song go. Let us shine the light of hope for others to see and guide them to Christ. Let us live a life that shines hope and love to everyone, so that when they ask where our hope comes from, we can share the testimony of God’s love in our lives. Let us lead others into “[Finding] love in a whole new place” into “[Finding] love in a holy place.”

We Found Love (Cover) – Lindsey Stirling, Alisha Popat, Ventribe
(Check it out in HD, it’s worth it!)

A beautiful video of two stunning ladies, sharing their experiences through music. Sharing their experience, as they put it, they “Found love in a holy place.” They shared their voices! Let us share our voice for Christ!



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