The power of our voice

ONE word – ONE sentence – ONE paragraph – ONE photograph – ONE post – ONE blog

ONE has the power to influence.

Today marks the start of something new – blogging. Ok truthfully it is only new for me at least, blogging however is far from new for many, so one would ask, why start? Good question.

The truth is, there is power in one’s voice.

I have a voice – a bold declaration! We all have a voice. Be bold and declare it – YOU have a voice! It is God’s gift to us and for us. I say to us, because we all have received this gift – a voice – a means of expressing ourselves. I say for us, because think of a world in which no one spoke, in which no one expressed themselves or their experiences, what a sad world this would be. Thus, I think God gave us this gift for our own sanity as well as our enjoyment! I also think he gave us this gift for another purpose.

Proverbs 18:21 ESV
“Death and life are in the power of the tongue,
and those who love it will eat its fruits.”

The purpose of our voice is to influence others, and with influence, comes power. There is power in one’s tongue. Our voice can bring life or death. Either way, we will reap the harvest of the seeds of our words.

With this in mind, I set out on this new venture, with the hope of fulfilling my purpose by encouraging and equipping you through the voice God has given me. I also hope that you are inspired to use your voice and share the voice God has given you! Our voices allow us to tell our story, yet impact the world – be it the world of ONE or many. It is about having a fearlessness, a fearlessness to speak up for God, a fearlessness to speak up and share our testimony of what He has done for us. A fearlessness to tell our story. This blog is and will be the written testimony of my life. The life Jesus so graciously came to save.


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